What is Gynecomastia and how to cure it?


Gynecomastia is an enlarged breast condition found in teenage boys and older men, due to excess fat tissue in the region. Gynecomastia may be characterised by an amount of fat tissue around the breast, causing them to look prominent. Sometimes, it may cause tenderness and pain in the swollen area. Gynecomastia may vanish

on its own, but if the problem persists, then surgery is the best way to get rid of it.




Causes of Gynecomastia-

There may be different causes of Gynecomastia

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Gynecomastia may be caused due to imbalance of male and female hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. Men usually produce large amount of testosterone, which stops the oestrogen hormones to develop breasts. If the secretion of oestrogen increases, then the breast tissue develops.

  • Obesity-

Sometimes obesity can also increase the oestrogen levels, so the breast tissue develops.


  • New Born Babies

Gynecomastia may also develop in new-born baby boys, because sometimes, oestrogen passes through the placenta of the mother to the baby.

  • Puberty-

During puberty, the hormonal levels in boys may vary and sometimes the oestrogen levels may increase, causing enlarged breast tissue.


  • Old Age-

As men get older they produce less testosterone. They accumulate excess body fat and hence develop manboobs.

  • Other causes of Gynecomastia-
  1. a) Medicine side effects
  2. b) Alcohol and illegal drugs like marijuana, amphetamine, heroin, methadone.
  3. c) Chronic disorders like kidney failure or liver damage.
  4. d) Malnutrition and starvation.
  5. e) Hypogonadism
  6. f) Tumors
  7. g) Antidepressants
  8. h) Antibiotics
  9. i) Ulcer medication like cimetidine.


When should you see the doctor for Gynecomastia?

Whenever you can see symptoms such as pain, swelling and tenderness along with some discharge, you should consider consulting a doctor. Your doctor will ask you questions about your medical and drug history and the health conditions running in your family. The doctor will also do a physical examination that may include careful evaluation of your breast tissue, abdomen and genitals.

Initial tests to determine the cause of your gynecomastia may include:

  • Blood tests
  • Mammograms

You may need further testing depending on your initial test results, including:

  • Computerized tomography (CT) scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • Testicular ultrasounds
  • Tissue biopsies


Treatment for Gynecomastia-

In most cases, gynecomastia may vanish with time without any formal treatment. However, if gynecomastia is caused by an underlying condition, such as hypogonadism, malnutrition or cirrhosis, that condition may need treatment. If you’re taking medications that can cause gynecomastia, your doctor may recommend stopping them or substituting them with other medications. In adolescents with no apparent cause of gynecomastia, the doctor may recommend periodic check-ups every three to six months, to see if the condition improves on its own. Gynecomastia often goes away without treatment in less than two years. However, treatment may be necessary if gynecomastia doesn’t improve with time.

Surgery to remove excess breast tissue-

If you still have significant breast enlargement despite initial treatment or observation, your doctor may advise surgery. Two gynecomastia surgery options are:

  • Liposuction.This surgery removes breast fat, but not the breast gland tissue itself.
  • This type of surgery removes the breast gland tissue. If the gynecomastia is caused due to excess breast tissue, then it needs to be removed with a scalpel. The surgery is often done endoscopically, meaning only small incisions are used. This less invasive type of surgery involves less recovery time.

Normally there are no complications post-surgery and the patient may return to normal activities, besides reduced sensation around the nipples and uneven contour of the chest. The patient can get back to normal life, six weeks after surgery.

Gynecomastia Treatment Hyderabad–

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Why Nose Surgery Is The Most Complex Cosmetic Procedure?

thenewyouA straight perfectly carved nose adds to the beauty of a face. But many of us are not fortunate enough to possess a slender and chiseled nose, either by birth or due to some injury. The good news is that it is possible to achieve a perfect nose through rhinoplasty. The term rhinoplasty means “nose moulding” or “nose forming”, to change the appearance of the nose. The shape of the nose is transformed either by adding or removing a cartilage, grafting a tissue from another part of the body, or by implanting a synthetic material to change the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is mainly performed for cosmetic reasons, when a nose is crooked, too long, too short, or deformed from birth or injury. Rhinoplasty can also be performed, when someone is suffering from breathing troubles which need immediate attention. The procedure is mostly performed at the hospital, outpatient department or a health clinic, depending upon the patient’s convenience.

Why Is Nose Surgery  a Complex  Cosmetic Procedure?

Nose reconstruction or rhinoplasty as it’s known, may sound easy to perform, but may lead to complications in extreme conditions, if precautions are not taken. Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure not only because of its cosmetic value, but also due to the nasal or breathing problems that may manifest after surgery. The main challenge that doctors face while performing the surgery is trying to maintain the precision of the external features of the nose with the internal ones.

In extreme cases, a patient might have to go a for a revision rhinoplasty if first time rhinoplasty is unsuccessful.

This usually happens if the size of the nostrils is uneven or if the nasal septum or cartilage is too soft or too hard (leading to discomfort and breathing problems). Revision rhinoplasty is always harder than a primary so make sure you’re going to a surgeon who is very experienced in revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Widening the nasal bridge will involve reverse medial osteotomies and wider grafts being placed between the nasal bones to hold them open.

Revision rhinoplasty be done either through a “closed” or “open” approach. For instance, minor contour corrections can be performed via a “closed” technique. In closed rhinoplasty, only internal incisions (endonasal) are made for access to the nasal structures. Open rhinoplasty refers to the addition of an incision in the skin bridge between the two nostrils (columella) in order to lift up the nasal skin for more direct visualization of the structures to be altered. The decision to use either the closed or open approach in revision rhinoplasty is based on surgeon preference and each technique has its pros and cons.

Recovery time in revision rhinoplasty is the same as in primary rhinoplasty, except for the frequent check-ups with the doctors needed for nose structure analysis. In order to avoid any further rates of revision rhinoplasty, it is advisable to approach a doctor who is specialized in revision rhinoplasty and can give a you a detailed treatment orientation plan.

Rhinoplasty Treatment in Hyderabad

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Best Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

We get pigmentation marks on our body when we venture out into the sun.  In fact, the more we age, the more pigmentations marks we see. Pigmentation marks are the large areas of discoloration we get on our cheeks and forehead. It occurs when melanin, which is the pigment of our skin, forms deposits.

This melanin is sometimes overstimulated or damaged due to sun damage, hormonal imbalance, genetics and/or skin irritation. When that happens, the cells that are affected produce way too much melanin or too little. Too much melanin causes darker spots and too little melanin causes lighter spots.  These unsightly marks can be reduced significantly with the help of dermatology treatments in Hyderabad.

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation

There are various treatment options for hyperpigmentation and they can show great results. You just have to understand which treatment will suit you the best and for that, you need to seek out a reputed dermatologist in Hyderabad or any other city. Only then you will be able to make the most informed decision about the procedures, described below.

  • Microdermabrasion- In this procedure, fine crystals are sprayed on the skin to exfoliate away the upper-most layer, which helps sand away the dark spots formed on the skin.  The procedure generally takes about 20-30 mins  to complete, after which you can get back to your normal routine.
  • Chemical peel- This is an intensive treatment which helps erase off the brown spots with the help of an exfoliating action using alpha-hydroxyl acid (glycolic acid) or beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) peels. A total of 4-6 peels are required to get rid of spots on your skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation laser- This laser treatment can even out your skin tone. However, it needs an expert hand to carry out the laser properly, as it can damage your skin if not done properly. Lasers are unique light emitting devices which give off a single and very specific wavelength of light targeted to rule out specific skin problems. Certain lasers are so equipped that they can remove brown spots. These devices help break the dense melanin pigment which causes discolorations.
  • Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation- This treatment, also known as IPL treatment for short, can treat a combination of skin problems. It not only reduces the appearance of brown spots but also lends a youthful glow to the skin. An IPL machine works by emitting a broad range of colors of light at the same time, to treat different skin conditions covering large areas. Filters are then utilized to specifically emit light in varied wavelengths. Varied wavelengths of light are used to focus on different layers of skin.
  • Hydroquinone- This is a chemical lightening agent that is applied directly to the mark. Some dermatologists regard this as one of the best forms of treatment for removing pigmentation marks. Hydroquinone works by blocking an enzyme that helps in the production of the pigment melanin.  This treatment has to be followed for a good six months to get proper results.

The best part of all these treatments is that no needles and anesthesia is required. Your skin might feel a little red after treatment, as if you have a mild sunburn, but you will be able to reprise your chores pretty soon. So seek out for these anti-aging treatments in Hyderabad or your city of choice and you will be able to get rid of pigmentation marks with ease.