What is Rhinoplasty And is Tip Rhinoplasty Right for You?

The nose is one of the most important facial features.  Everyone wants a sharp, aquiline nose.  A well-proportioned nose can provide the right balance to the face and enhance a person’s looks to a large extent.  For some people, the tip of the nose is really important, it may be bulbous, and will make the nose and the face look less contoured.

Fortunately, to those of you who are less than happy with your nose, rhinoplasty can come to your aid. It not only makes you look defined, but the transformed nose can change the overall look of the face as well! Tip rhinoplasty is one such surgery that can especially address issues regarding the tip of the nose, such as a bulbous or round tip.


What Is Tip Rhinoplasty?

Tip rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is chiefly used to alter and enhance the tip of your nose, which is usually made up of skin, cartilage, and subcutaneous tissue. It is great for people who have a bulbous tip, or rounded stub of a nose and are unhappy with the look of their face.

Know More about the Tip Rhinoplasty Procedure

With rhinoplasty, the tip of your nose can be transformed to have slightly more or less projection. The angle of the tip of the nose may also be altered, along with the other things that come under purview, namely, its rotation, width, and height. There are varied techniques how tip rhinoplasty procedure is performed, to provide you just the kind of nose you desire.

Tip rhinoplasty is performed via an open approach in which incisions are made both inside and outside of the nostrils; or a closed approach, in which incisions are made right inside zone the nostrils. In addition to the different approaches, the various methods of tip rhinoplasty procedure include cephalic trim, dome bounding suturing, lower lateral crural overlay, tip defatting, and lower lateral crural strut graft.

Candidates Who Are Just Right for Tip Rhinoplasty

Those who are not very happy with the appearance of their nose, especially the tip of their nose can go for tip rhinoplasty. In fact, they are the right candidates for this particular cosmetic surgery.  There are those who want to improve specific problem areas of their nose like the projection, the angle, width, height, or even the rotation of the nasal tip; all these can be altered by this surgery.

Also, in addition to the above-mentioned feature, another thing that is required to become the right candidate for this surgery is that the patient should be in good general health; that is they should not suffer from any conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

Additionally, as in all cases of cosmetic surgery, the patient must have realistic expectations from the particular surgery. To look like a particular celebrity is what most people wish for. But a surgeon knows best as to what kind of nose would suit you. Discuss with your surgeon about your doubts and also any questions you might want to ask before you go under the knife. Once decided, go ahead with confidence and look forward to meet a completely new you!


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